Teaching, just like many office jobs, would have made you think; how I wish my income is directly equivalent to my stress. How I wish I can easily make more money aside from my monthly income. Well, even if wishes are not horses, who are we not wish anyway?

Teaching in Nigeria is one of the most demanding jobs that pay less than the effort imputed in it. Many teachers are into the profession because of a lack of opportunity in their original field of study.

No matter how little, most teachers are on the lookout for a kind of job or business that can fetch in money. Whilst many are looking for a total change of job, some are just looking for something by the side that generates money.

This is to meet their needs that could not be catered for and, consequently, save for the future. 

The essence of what you’re reading is to open your mind to see some things you can do as side hustles while teaching.

1. Tutoring


Except teaching is super boring to you, the first thing to consider as a side hustle is conducting tutorials. This is a business you can start without having anything asides your knowledge in the major subjects. Most, if not all, teachers are sound in at least 2-3 subjects.

As a tutor, you must have a good rapport with your students such that they feel comfortable around you. Kids are fond of singing the praises of their best teachers at home and leveraging on this can fetch up to ₦25,000 per month or more! Depending on your location. Any parents concerned about the education of their kids wouldn’t mind paying well for a private tutor. 

If you work well with this, definitely, there’s going to be an increase in the number of students. Eventually, you might need to get a facility to start your privately-owned tutorial class. Hence, this will serve as a second job you resume to after the closing hours.

Aside from this, you can also apply to some online tutoring platforms that will connect you to the closest parents in need of a private tutor for their kids. This way, you can build an online profile that will make you visible to more parents.

2. Livestock Farming 

Live stock farming

This is one of the businesses gradually and silently making huge money in Nigeria. It seems as though most people are avoiding the idea of farming as a side hustle. However, some are also delving into it and are making reasonable cash.

All you need is a piece of land, and if you’re in your personally-owned house, then it’s easier. Pig farming is the most lucrative but you can opt for other options if you can’t stand the smell.

Poultry farming is an easier option. Nigerians consume poultry products every day, from their eggs to their meats. In poultry, broilers are for meat while layers are for egg production. However, rearing layers bring in money faster as people consume eggs than they do chickens.

3. Transportation Business

transportation business

As early as 5 am till 11 pm, people are always on the move. Only transportation has brought this ease. Hence, you can go into it as a side hustle, and there are two ways to it.

If you own a car or a motorbike (for Opay), you can enrol with Uber, Bolt or Opay (depending on your location). With this, you can work after school hours and on weekends.

You can make up to ₦30,000 and more per week with any of these.

If you don’t own a car or motorbike, the second option is to buy. A new bike is about ₦250,000 while a fairly used one is about ₦120,000. A tricycle is around ₦260,000 while a fairly used one is around ₦200,000. And if it is a car, you can go for it.

You don’t have to drive or ride any. All you need is to get a trusted person that will remit what was made to you on a daily or weekly basis. You can make up to ₦20,000 or more weekly from intra-city conveyance alone.

4. Freelance Writing

freelance writing

Freelance writing is a compound phrase that covers every field of writing. From academic writing to web contents, you can make some money by using the flexibility of your job to hustle.

There are several freelance sites to get writing jobs from. Whilst you might be fixed with the preparation of lesson notes for teaching, you might not want this. But you can set yourself to receive a maximum of 1,000 worded articles only. That way you will have more time for your daily job.

Also, if you have found a passion in making research and forming thoughts from it, you can monetize your colleagues. Most teachers hate going through the stress of making lesson notes. However, their laziness or boredom can be your source of income as you do so for them.

5. Creative Business Ideas

business idea

Many teachers have attended various creative seminars where they were taught the art of entrepreneurship. You can make money from catering services as students love to consume snacks.

You can sell plantain chips, popcorn, pringles and other confectioneries to students and you will still have them coming back. Income might be much at the start but with consistency, you might end up being patronized by those outside the school.

Also, football is one of many people’s passions in Nigeria. You can set up a sports viewing centre, wait for some weeks and check how much you can generate per week. Depending on your location and the importance of the match, you can make up to ₦10,000 per match.

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6. Proofreading and Editing

Proofreading and editing

Teachers are known to have a good eye for errors. The ability of a teacher to be fast and accurate while marking can generate income. It takes a teacher less time to proofread and edit any article or academic material.

Using this skill as a side hustle can generate a quick income for you as a teacher. All you need is to pitch your skill to the right audience.

7. Investment

the Nigerian stock market NSE

Investment is a sign of being cultured with spending and having a plan for the unseen — the future. So, if you won’t do any of the above, you should definitely see this one as a necessary side hustle.

You can invest in real estate, buy shares or mutual funds or invest in other people’s ideas. However, you must be sure that you are conversant with what you’re investing in. Don’t ever try investing in what you don’t understand or have little knowledge about.

With the rapid growth in Forex trading, many people are investing in it without being directly involved. At the end of the month, they get up to 15-20 percent interest. This same principle also applies to pig farming, however, it works on a yearly basis. All you need to know is the right and most profitable team in the business.


With these side hustles diligently considered, you can make a fortune out of them. You don’t have to go into all, well, except you’re a Jack of all trades. Taking just two of these ideas can and will eventually fetch you more than your salary. At the end of the day, you might actually need to quit your work as a teacher to fully tend your personal businesses.

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