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Make Money As a Freelance Writer in Nigeria

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The eBook On This Page Will Show You How.

Dear reader,


My name is Abdullah Ajibose (you can also call me Marvel).

Chances are, we’ve never met and you’re just hearing about me for the first time…

Or probably you already know me.

What I have to show you today could change your life – in a very positive way

I’m going to show you how to make enough money to live life on your terms and take care of your loved ones …. doing exactly what I do.

BUT before we move further, I need you to take a good look at this…

This is a snippet of what I make off writing…

Writing from anywhere in Nigeria as long as I’m with my system and a stable internet connection. 

So, if you’d like to earn a decent income with your writing skill… regardless of your location or experience, this is the most important letter you’d read today.

In this letter, I’d show you…

How I Earn 7 Figures EVERY Year, And How You Can Too

There are criteria you need to meet… 

Don’t worry, it has nothing to do with your Degree or Work Experience,

You see,…

…like many other people, I was always searching for “How to make money online” on Google many years back… In search of different opportunities.

I eventually got into blogging. Opened a health blog hoping to make money real soon from it.

But my Oh my, even after spending over 9 months writing blogs and articles on my blog…


Yes… that’s right. I thought blogging was going to be easier than it actually is

I mean, people said this stuff worked right? What could have gone wrong?

You see, little did I know that it takes a great DEAL of time, energy, and money to have a successful blog…

So, instead of sitting down waiting for the next manna from heaven. I pushed on with enthusiasm.

Along the way, I heard of affiliate marketing and I bought a course on it.

This was a blessing in disguise…

Because I met a freelance writer who was making a pretty MASSIVE figure on Fiverr.

He told me he purchased the same course because wanted to try out affiliate marketing with a budgeted amount of time and money, and that if it didn’t work, he’ll go back to his freelance writing.

I got curious, connected with him and he showed me the way to EARNING by simply rendering writing services.

And because I am blogger, who is already good at SEO writing and is well veresed in SEO generally…

That month alone, I earned over ₦40,000!!! 

Here’s the screenshot…

Now, that may not seem like a LOT to you, but…

It was 10x the highest amount I had ever made working as a SIWES student (a meager ₦4,000 monthly).

Oh my! I smiled to EcoBank and back home the day I went to cash out. 😁 Even the long queue at the ATM stand didn’t frustrate me one bit!



I didn’t stop there! I kept learning how to win more contracts, delivering the best when hired, and I FINALLY discovered Exactly how to…

…make Money via other DIRECT marketplaces like Upwork, LinkedIn; and other indirect marketplaces such as Facebook, Referrals, Joining Like-minded Groups, etc…

And ever since, I’ve been earning consistently for the past 3 years.

Check this out…


The above is just part of what I earned between Feb and June, and if you calculate that, it amounts to ₦1.4 million.

Truth is, freelance writing is lucrative. And not just for me!

Earlier this year, I got a hunch to share this knowledge with people out there…

So, I organized a “Freelance Writing Masterclass” for 3 days…

Let me show you some stuff my students said about my course…

That’s a screenshot I kept since May 2nd. The period Covid-19 lockdown was at its peak.

That’s not all. Here’s what Edmund told me in September when I asked him how his writing career was going…

And here’s from another student…

Truth is, many others have testified that this was worth more than that price…

But then it didn’t end there… I had to organize two more freelance writing training because of the demand. 

Since the last class, I’ve been buzzed by many others (mostly referrals from my trained students) to host another masterclass.

I would love to. But then, I’ve been busy with working for clients and I really need to catch up.

That’s why I came up with the idea of writing a book that ANYONE can go through and start earning…

You might want to say, “But Abdullah, I’m not sure of my writing ability, I’ve never actually written any serious content other than an English essay in my WAEC…

It doesn’t matter.

Neither does it matter if you’re only good at writing poems…

This book takes you through a journey of knowing COMPLETELY nothing to becoming a writer that earns in dollars consistently. For you, this could be…

…Making ₦100,000+ EVERY Single Month

…which is just about $200+ and could even be gotten in much less time if you follow my teachings in this NEW book.

With this, you will be able to create a whole new income stream for yourself right from the comfort of your home…

Perhaps, to also sponsor yourself in different ways.

Or get the gadgets and freedom you’ve always yearned for.

You can as well, sponsor and support your families whenever they seem to need your help.

Make Money As a Freelance Writer in Nigeria

Trust me, it feels good to be able to do these things at your convenience without some boss breathing down your neck.

Did I hear you say you have a 9-5 pm job?

This could be your side hustle like it is for me and some of my students… and you might end up earning more than your salary in the long run.

Listen, right now, foreigners are now looking less at certificates and looking more at skill…

That’s good news for you, and bad news for those who still depend heavily on Nigeria’s marketplace…

What skill do you have?

Writing can be one.

The work-force is now going remote more than ever…

Writing is one skill you can have and work from home for Any company that hires you.

Listen, there is power in finding ONE thing that works…

Not two, not three, but ONE!

Too many people complicate things and get lost in the search for “what works”.

But today, I want to circumvent the heartache for you.

You see, I want to show you the ONLY “Writing Guide” you need to earn your first online $$…

Make Money As a Freelance Writer in Nigeria

And when you get this book, you’d be one step closer to that… Being financially FREE.

As you see, my students from the previous training testify that the information was worth every penny and each one of them has earned 50x their investment (of ₦2,000)

This is dramatically different from anything else out there. It’s more of a “field” guide to freelance writing than a traditional “book”.

The reason why is because there’s no fluff or filler. It immediately gets down to brass trails, showing you exactly what to do, how to do it, and why.

Plus, it’s easy to read.

It’s just close to 50 pages, that you can read in an afternoon

And you’ll immediately “get” the entire methodology I personally use in getting the contracts.

Here Are Some Of The Things You'll Learn Inside This Book

It is all worth over ₦50,000 as the total value.

But you’re paying nothing close to that – AT ALL

This book is the only tool that can help you win freelance writing contracts even when you’re just starting…

I practically threw in all of the tactics I have learned and applied which are responsible for earning great wins…

Wins like 

$250, $300, $550 in a matter of WEEKS…

How much would this be worth to you?

Before you answer, consider this…

An average fee you pay in a federal university is about  ₦20,000 

And as you can tell, the future is uncertain when it comes to the workforce.

But with this, there is a high amount of certainty that you’d make a boatload of cash.

Again, I ask you, how much is having a way to earn in dollars worth to you? 

Do you say ₦20,000?

Well, I’m glad to tell you that you won’t pay anywhere near that today…

You can have all these ₦50,000+ values for the low rate, low rate of… 

₦10,000 only!

That’s over 90% off the total value!

A price that anyone could afford.

This is why I’ve made this a no-brainer.

But I need to say this… this price is ONLY LIMITED FOR THE PEOPLE that gets it as soon as possible.

After which it would be raised to ₦20,000 per copy. 

For now, it’s just ₦10,000.

So you can get this breakthrough info for just that amount – for LIFE!


You now have three choices: 

  • You can choose to click away from being skeptical and go back to the life you’ve always had before reading this. 
  • Try to figure all this stuff out on your own, with no help… and getting consultation from “gurus” who charge ₦20,000 for a couple of hours – and it doesn’t even cover the troubling questions you have.
  • Or you can get this guide for a small fee of ₦10,000, read it, study it, implement every word that I’ve carefully placed in it and see yourself earning, 100x (if you’re too lazy), 500x, 1000x your investment.

The choice, as always, is yours to make.

But now is that time. 

If you want to join a group of like-minded individuals to support you all the way, guiding you to what’s wrong and what’s not…


AGAIN, selling this ebook at ₦10,000 is limited to the people smart enough to purchase.

After which, the price rises to ₦20,000.

Get The Book Right Now And Receive These
3 Bonuses RIGHT AWAY!

Bonus #1.

You’ll be added to a WhatsApp group of like-minded writers where I’ll be answering questions relating to the eBook’s content, give you regular updates, information and even opportunities that’ll be useful.

Bonus #2.

You’ll receive valuable eBooks and Recommend Guides used by Freelance Writing Experts (for FREE).

Bonus #3.

Proven Message Templates (pdfs) you can use to pitch to clients.

So, as you can see, this is an absolute steal for a small fee of ₦10,000… 


It all started with a flyer on WhatsApp. I got interested because I needed to do something that was going to earn me income as well as groom me—freelance writing. After I attended the phenomenal masterclass, I was able to implement the steps and boom! First client ~ $300 per month.

Then many more flooded my DM to the extent that I had no time for anyone. I was busy earning and doing what I loved.

Today, I have made over a $1000, thanks to Abdullah's class.

I highly recommend working with him and reading any eBook written by him because he led me on the right path to building long-lasting connections.
Margaret Etudo
Content Writing Specialist and Career Coach
At the height of the COVID-19 lockdown and restrictions, I came across an Ad talking about a freelance writing Masterclass on a website I was checking out.

I decided to register and see if I could really make something out of freelance writing while waiting for the lockdown to be eased.
It was a weeklong training and during this period, Abdullah proved his mettle by coaching and mentoring the class on what it entails to be a freelance writer and with his constant encouragement, I landed my first ever client on LinkedIn with a $120 job, was the second runner up at a faculty writing competition with a 10,000 cash prize, and through other freelance jobs that I landed, I opened a laundry and dry cleaning business for myself. Now I'm a freelance writer and a business owner all thanks to Abdullah.

I recommend his book and every other masterclass he might be organising because they work. I'm a living testimony to his exceptional coaching abilities. Kudos.
Sidi Edmund Andrew
Freelance Writer and Business Owner
Abdullah's training just showed how much he's great at what he does and is a master at it.

The class was dope, despite the fact that I got tutored separately because I came across the flier way after the class had been held. The clarity and brevity in his notes made it easily understood that I could actually perceive how talented he is as a writer. No wasting of words and you would definitely get the point as it would speak to you.

To cut it short, Abdullah is a wordsmith extraordinaire. His auctorial capacity is something I can persuade anyone into just by sharing his writing. I've earned myself loads of nuggets on writing that's helped me level up as a writer and researcher. His apprehension on writing has really helped us (his students) and resonated with all of us. I'm sure of that.

Should I begin to talk about how adds up as a good mentor and friend?

Go get his masterpiece first. Then a seat and a drink. Because we definitely would have a lot to be amazed about. 😊
Zainab Solahudeen
Writer, Researcher and Medical Student
One thing I was able to detect from Abdullah's training was his transparency...

How he told us the whole truth about freelancing and the challenges he had when he started as a freelancer... It was all relatable

I have not started earning yet because I'm still working on my writing... Honestly, it has helped me with my other work, and I'm certain that in the future I'm going to earn with it.

If I'm grateful for one thing Abdullah, it'd be to thank you for opening my eyes to the world of writing.
Gift Igwe
Student of Pharmacology
I improved my freelance writing game in 2020, thanks to Marvel's Fiverr training in the masterclass.

Beyond the knowledge gleaned from the class, Marvel's consistent follow up and availability to answer questions even months after the class was priceless.

I now have returning clients on Fiverr and even off it on projects ranging from a simple blog post to an academic paper.

I would totally recommend this book to anyone looking to take their writing serious and consistently earn in dollars.
Ndifreke Emmanuel
Freelance Writer and Storyteller
I was fortunate to try out Abdullah's class.

And for that cheap price, his class took me from point ZERO to a PRO with his well equipped and quality teachings.

After the class, I followed the steps he listed and it's been wonderful all the way.

When you get into his circle, I'd advise you to follow Abdullah's instructions to the latter - it always ends well.

Abdullah, thanks for the golden opportunity at that no-brainer price.
Iyanu Philip
Freelance Writer and Student

Get Your Copy of
Make Money As A Freelance Writer in Nigeria Now

Make Money As a Freelance Writer in Nigeria

P.S. The harsh truth about Nigeria is that it can be very frustrating to get things right if you don’t have proper guidance on the step-step process on what to do.

You might find yourself running around in circles except you have a  Nigerian like you who’s currently earning through what he teaches (which is rare nowadays by the way).

So, from me to you… You know people make money off writing. Heck, I’ve shown you proofs.

The country is in a recession as at the time I’m writing this to you, and I still KEEP getting my consistent figures – unbothered about what happens in the Nigeria workforce. 

Let me show you HOW… All you need is a leap of faith.

Will you take it? I hope so. 

For your financial freedom, get this book, and allow me to help you on this journey. 

Help you get rid of uncertainties when it comes to making money through writing. 

See you on the other side!

About the Author

Abdullah, is a content writer, proofreader, web designer, idle programmer, freelance writing coach, and founder of, Bainaray and some other digital businesses.

In 2016/2017, he accidentally became a freelance writer on his journey to becoming a blogger (he’s in the middle of 3rd mainland bridge traffic) and an affiliate marketer (dropped from the molue bus heading towards this direction). 

He has serveral cerifications (not just writing) from and has written hundreds of content for numerous clients across the world, before he decided to help others become content writers.

Abdullah is still a student (if you care to know) of that prestigous University near Lagos Lagoon. He enjoys watching comedy skits -especially Taaooma’s- and likes eating jollof rice and plantain, as should all proud Nigerians.  


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