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If you want to start a successful small scale business in Nigeria to increase your streams of income, you are on the right track.

Are you are running short of ideas on which business to invest in with your little capital? Then think no more because you are about to find out.

This post will enlighten you on some small scale business ideas that you can choose from today and become successful in it.


Because a lot of Nigerians are into it and are making a living out if.

Beyond just making daily bread out of it, these businesses have the potentials of blossoming into large businesses with sheer discipline, commitment and risks that you will take.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the some of these small scale business ideas you should take your chances within Nigeria today.

10 Most Successful Small Scale Business Ideas in Nigeria

1. Barbing Saloon

barbing saloon

Barbing, over the years, has grown into one of the best business ideas to make money in Nigeria.

It’s a small scale business idea that can guarantee you consistent income after investing the initial capital in rent, barbing equipment, power generating set and other necessities.

The good part is that you don’t have to present to man it.

It’s a hustle you can run on the side with someone at the centre of it all working for you.

Men shave weekly or bi-weekly, people cut their hair daily and you can’t possibly run out of relevance in business because you are addressing needs that are top priorities for Nigerians.

2. Photography Studio


There are too many photo freaks all over Nigeria, which is evident on social media.

Photographers smile home every day as they close from work because people won’t just stop feeling themselves in photo shoots.

With a little capital, this hustle can get off the ground and start raking in stable income for you.

It’s one of the top 10 business ideas in Nigeria today. It’s a small scale because even if you don’t have a studio, you can still start up.

People love to use nature’s blessings as background, weddings are there, matriculations, funerals, occasions and events and what have you. It’s highly lucrative, especially on campus. 

3. Poultry Farming

poultry farming

While this business is one of the favourites and it is among some of the best business ideas to make money in Nigeria.

This is because it creates room for expansion.

You can start with the very little you have in terms of capital.

Birds are known to give birth in mass.

And with just a few layers in your wooden poultry house, you can make a small community of fowls in the next couple of months.

Plus, their eggs can still be sold and money raked in from them. You don’t’ even need to rent a shop, you start right there at the back of your yard and people would come to you for patronage.

4. Popcorn Business

There’s this student in my school that sells popcorn. Despite the fact that I’m not a strong lover of popcorn, there’s this recipe he adds to his popcorn which makes me and others like me find it irresistible.

Wanna know?

Stay tuned!

If you stay in an area that’s heavily populated, especially in a student-dominated area, like this guy I mentioned above, then you should try this business out. It’s a lucrative side hustle for students.

If you also stay in an area that has some companies around with workers returning from work every evening, you should also try this.

Popcorns are delicious and we all love them. Not just for the movies, which, by the way, is just one of the ethics that came along with cinemas.

It’s healthy and comes as a sweet delight for the mouth anytime.

The equipment for this isn’t expensive and you can do it along the roadside without having to pay for rent -which this guy does.

It’s not also one of those businesses that thrive very well in the evening, people eat popcorn regardless of the time of the day.

This popcorn seller has been able to spice up his product to get more customers and attract even those, who, on norms, would not even branch to buy, by including milk in it.

You may decide to use honey instead.

It’s about creativity sometimes for one to be successful in business. This business is booming in Nigeria and many making a healthy income out of it.

Another advantage of the popcorn business is that it can be a side hustle for students and workers.

5. Football Viewing Centre

football viewing centre

Ever since football became a global sensational sport, Nigeria has never relented in proving to the rest of the world how patriotic they can be in football patriotism.

Not many people can afford DSTV and its high subscriptions.

But half of the neighbourhood guys can afford 100 Naira to watch a match and throw in their support for their favourite European teams.

In fact, there are some men that’ll rather watch a football match in a public place than sit at home alone because of the population and noise.

This can work well as a side hustle because most matches are played during weekends -safe the world cup and other international tournaments.

The biggest leagues in the world are mostly watched on weekends. One weekend alone can give you close to 30,000 Naira.

6. Dry Cleaning Business


People are too busy these days.

Even to eat, let alone do their laundries and I’m very sure that if there’s a business where someone has to do the dishes for people, it will thrive.

The hustle is real in the country and time is not a friend of anyone. So many individuals will rather have you do their laundry for them while they tend to other matters of utmost importance.

The power situation is also terrible in Nigeria and the dry cleaners benefit from it.

Although this job demands a lot of hard work, that’s for the onset. With time, you can be rich enough to purchase a washing and drying machine.

Even though I’m not certain the technology of using machines to iron clothes has touched the shores of Nigeria, I’m sure it will in the nearest future and things can only get better.

If you are looking for one of the most profitable business ideas to start today, here is one beckoning on you.

7. Phone Accessories

phone repair

In a world where most people have access to mobile phones more than good roads, quality infrastructure and even good toilets, I’m yet to see the best business idea to make money in Nigeria with its huge population.

People need screen guards to protect their phones. Earphones to enjoy sounds. Broken screens need to be replaced. New chargers and USB cables. Phone casings for protection and the list are endless.

The sweet part is that you don’t even need a large shop for it.

You can thrive on business with space the size of a cubicle and still make your money from it.

If we list top 10 business ideas to make consistent income anywhere in the world, this one can never escape the list. Small scale but big in returns.

8. Restaurant Business

restaurant now open

Remember that people barely have time to do their laundries because the hustle is hard on them.

Cooking might even seem like a luxury they can’t afford.

Bachelors are your potential clients if you start this lucrative small scale business. People often find eating out as a cheaper option and a time conserving strategy when they are on a tight schedule.

You can employ some fine hands in the art of cooking to prepare mouthwatering dishes for your customers, that’s the most important part of this business.

If the food is not delicious enough to pin down customers, it will crumble. Just like every other successful small scale business, it needs a one-time capital to kick start. And then you can expand in the long run as the business continue to flourish.

9. Game Centre

Game centre
Photo Credit: The Guadian Nigeria

Teenagers love to play games.

From soccer to adventure, car racing and many other forms of games. They are just glued to the fun.

Most times, these games keep them off the street and reduce some illegal activities being carried out by them.

Starting this profitable business won’t cause you to rob a bank or cut off your arm and leg. You can even start with just two TVs and two Play Station 2. That’s why it’s called a small scale startup.

With the patronage you will get, more TVs will arrive through reinvestment and more customers will follow suit.

The boys in the neighbourhood love to play games and challenge one another in competitions.

A game hall is rarely dry of customers. Just don’t allow them to start betting on each other as this might not pan out well. If you are in Nigeria, you should know what that means.

10. Cake Baking

baking cake business

You might not even need a capital to start this lucrative business that has been enriching Nigerians in the catering industry.

Just learn the process of cake making and learn it well.

Luckily, there are countless free YouTube tutorials waiting for you to learn from.

By word of mouth to family and friends, or by designing a little card or a flier about what you do and sharing on social media, you’ll start getting clients.

When a client orders for a cake with specifications, you can demand part payment which will be enough to make and design the cake. The customer completes the payment afterwards, which serves as your cut in the deal.

People celebrate birthdays every day! Every day is someone’s wedding anniversary or special commemoration.

Nigeria is full of events.

You can’t afford to be broke if you venture into this business and market yourself well.

When you become renowned around your neighbourhood, you could be making up to N100,000 every week in your kitchen without even renting a store. Which makes it a good work-from-home job for moms in this country.

All you do is receive orders, make the cakes and deliver.

Furthermore, you can, however, open up a store for it and take things up on a professional level.

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