We have advanced past the era where stay-at-home moms are just mere housewives, unproductive and lousy.

In Nigeria, many have embraced a lot of technology offerings that came along with the 21st-century digital renaissance and we are going great guns at it.

As the world continues to advance in technology, virtual workspaces are rising to relevance and the need for physical presence at work is gradually declining.

With this trend on the increase, there are some very lucrative work-from-home jobs if you are a mom in Nigeria to keep them busy and productive.

Beyond the lucrative nature of these jobs for Nigerian moms, they offer flexibility, convenience and more time for them to tend to their kids and family. Some of the perks include:

  • Freedom to work at comfort zones
  • Freedom to accept and decline jobs anytime
  • No fares to anywhere
  • No one gets to boss you around
  • Ample time for family and friends and many more.

If you are a Nigerian mom, all you need to work from home and make money online is just some skills and sheer dedication to hard work to improve.

Here are 10 Lucrative Work from Home Jobs for Moms in Nigeria

1. Freelance Writing

From the ends of the earth to the crux of civilization, content is and will always remain king.

Everything you find readable online or in print was written by either a freelance writer or a staff writer. This is about the most lucrative work from home job any Nigerian mom can do. It doesn’t need much training.

One of the guaranteed ways of becoming a great freelance writer is through practice. The more you write, the better you grow.

It’s that simple.

All you need do is to stay committed to web contents while noting the tones, syntax, writing styles, diction, and general writing ethics employed.

If you hang around content for a very long time, soon you will become a content creator and then a little training on SEO and some other basics would suffice.

The demand for content is ever increasing. Everyday people key in words on search engines to search for content and the providers of these contents on the web are enriched by their desperation and desire to find answers to boiling questions.

2. Virtual Assistant

This job is like that of a secretary or a personal assistant.

The difference is that you can do it from home.

It is also lucrative too and ideal for a housewife who has a personal computer and some skills or a degree in relevant secretarial fields.

The job description may vary per company. But for the most part, the job of virtual assistant entails data entry, data sorting, scheduling appointments, database management, proofreading and editing, forwarding emails and the list is endless depending on the company.

Now bear in mind that you can do all of this at the comfort of your home without necessarily being present at the office as full-time staff.

If you have polished communication skills and can use some computer applications like MS-word, Excel, PowerPoint, and access, then you are good to go.

3. Blogging

In Nigeria, blogging is one of the most lucrative work from home jobs and even moms can thrive in it.

Nigerians feed on gossips daily and they demand for knowledge daily too.

Although this job might test your patience because it takes quite a while for you to start reaping the benefits, in the end, your patience and commitment will turn out to be a rewarding experience.

Bloggers make the bulk of their cash via Google AdSense. They sign up for the program and if their blog is approved, they stand to receive paid ads from Google. This offers consistent income in the long run.

You can blog on just anything you are knowledgeable about. It’s about using your knowledge and experience to get the world informed in return for value in monetary terms.

Bloggers smile to the bank weekly as millions storm their accounts right here in Nigeria and most of them are females, they are moms, sitting at home and looking like they are jobless.

4. Translating

While freelance writing is just focused on creating gripping content for readers, translating entails rewriting the articles or contents in another language for a unique audience.

So if you are fluent in some foreign languages like French, German, Italian, Spanish or Chinese, this job is for you. Most clients on freelance platforms are in dire need of translators to translate their content from these foreign languages to English for their English audience and vice versa.

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Some companies in Nigeria also need freelance translators. Some of their clients are scattered across numerous francophone countries and they need content equally.

It’s a work from home job that could keep money flowing into your account.

5. Graphics Design

Well, this one needs the excellent skill to get involved and that can be acquired within a couple of months and put to use.

Freelance sites are always seeking out for graphic designers to design logos, flyers, banners, animations, and graphics.

With this skill, any housewife can make between N50,000 to N100,000 monthly (or more!) without moving an inch from her comfort zone and without sacrificing the needs of her family for this purpose. But you have to be good at this in order to thrive.

Clients are always demanding for quality and you’ll become their favorite if you keep giving them the best of what they need.

6. Social Media Analyst

The social media has proven to be an important tool for businesses to thrive in the 21st century and every company out there is trying to deploy their powers for productivity and return on investments.

In line with this, they usually hire a social media analyst and consultant whose role is designated to just social media optimization for business success.

The job of social media analyst for the better part entails conducting surveys on social media and observing the needs of consumers in relation to a particular brand, increasing brand consciousness on social media, promoting the launch of new products on social media and maintaining a company’s presence on various social media platforms.

Instead of spending valuable time on social media, chatting and watching other people’s flashy lives, you can utilize that time in working for a company and make money from it right here at home.

7. Affiliate Marketing

Over the last decade, affiliate marketing has proven to be an overflowing source of money to Nigerians.

For starters, this work from home job can be daunting but as it is with hard work and diligence, the end is always rosy.

In affiliate marketing, a company enters into a deal with an affiliate marketer. The said company allows the marketer to promote their products on a designated site or on the marketers’ website.

When a customer buys any product from the affiliate marketers link or site, the marketer is rewarded with a commission on each product bought. The reward is usually encouraging and once you’ve started making the money, it just keeps flowing.

Lots of affiliate marketing program are in Nigeria especially on e-commerce stores like Jumia and Konga.

This is a lucrative work from home jobs and Nigerians moms can benefit from it.

8. Vlogging on YouTube 

Every day millions of people around the world make money from YouTube by uploading interesting and informational videos. The amount you can make from a single video depends on the number of views it receives.

Vlogging is now the next best thing after blogging.

While blogging is for content, vlogging is for videos.

To get started, you need to sign up on YouTube and sign up for its partner program.

Nigerian moms are very good with food recipes, that’s a great niche, to begin with. Share your special fantastic recipes with other Nigerian moms. Expose secrets of good cooking to the world via videos on YouTube and make money from it.

9. Web Development and Design

It’s a hot selling skill right now in terms of making money online. If you can acquire it and be good at it, companies are willing to hire you. Businesses are looking for your service and even freelancers can outsource jobs to you.

All you need do is acquire the prerequisite coding skills, as well as a knowledge of graphics design. There are tons of tutorials on online and even eBooks you can download and improve on this craft.

Once you do a fine job and earn a positive review, you are already into a full-time business. The jobs will start rolling in via recommendations and outsourcing. It’s very lucrative because the niche is not crowded.

10. Personalized Internet Assessment

While this might sound somewhat strange and uncommon, the money involved is really a reason to smile.

And like the others, it offers work flexibility alongside all the other perks of working from home.

This job essentially entails you assessing and reviewing online search results for the purpose of improving the quality of content being reeled out on the web by the second.

You will be tasked with the role of rating, analyzing and providing feedback on how the search results supplied answers or content based on the search terms used; also known as keywords.

All you need is to be fluent in any Nigerian major language, whether Hausa, Yoruba or Igbo and be consistent on social media. You should also have a smartphone and a Gmail account also.

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