Maybe you could earn six figures for profit a month?

Get that particular bag, shoes, watches, phones, and other items you’ve always wanted to get?

Perhaps you could restock NEW products before January to sell a LOT more?

But one thing is certain, you won’t ever again have to worry about where your next customer is coming from anymore… 

Sounds Cool? Great!

I’d show you just How in a moment

But first…. A disclaimer 

If you don’t believe in paying Instagram to fetch customers for you…

You’ve never seen anyone making money through advertising on Instagram…

Or you’ve never planned to advertise simply because you think you don’t need it anyway…

Although I have a FREE tip for you down this letter that could get you customers that are only interested in your products… Organically

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Now for those that have seen people getting customers by running Ads and would love to do the same

Well, you are in luck because 

Here’s How You Can Make Instagram Work For You And Help You Search For Your Customers (Sourcing Them For You) While You Pocket Your Hundreds Of Thousand

There are two ways to do this obviously;

  1. Organically – that is, getting your customers through reaching out and connecting with people who are interested in what you do. 
  • PRO: You don’t need to spend a dime
    • You’re building a brand authority bit by bit
    • You connect more with your audience this way
    • You must be consistent
  • CON: It takes time and the chances that your ideal customer is going to buy from you is minimal as compared to the second choice
    • Your posts only show on the feed of those who follow you
  1. Paid traffic – Showing your products to hundreds and thousands of faces and giving your chances to sell a BIG push. Like Stuart H.Britt says, 

“Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you’re doing but nobody else does”

  • PRO:  You can sell off your products whenever you feel like
    • You have more chances if many people get to see your Ad
    • Increased brand awareness
    • More followers in the process 
    • Higher conversion rates
    • Your posts show up on the feeds of whichever audience you choose
  • CON: Slow return on Investment
    • When done wrong, you can end up spending without seeing results

Now, just like I promised you before… I’d provide you the No-Bullshit method that could get YOU 1,000 potential followers, within the next 30 days, Organically without paying any fee…

I could type this out for you to read

BUT then, that’s probably going to make this longer than I expected.

So, because I’m someone that loves to find and share hacks that work only… I scoured the Internet on your behalf and I’ve seen the video that tells you EXACTLY what you need to do…

How to go about your posts…

The hacks to getting more views…

And if done right, getting your next 1000 followers in less than a month should be easy…

Only if you follow the tips to the latter

Not missing one step… it’s worked for my colleagues and I am 90% certain that it would work for you

I left out the remaining 10% because I know for a fact that many won’t take actions

They’d probably just watch and get back to their normal routine and keep hoping for sales or another MAGIC step

Anyways guys, here’s the link to the video


Great one from Jared West

Now To The Meat Of The Matter – Instagram Ad


This is how big and top guns easily get their products sold off like it’s nothing 

I know these because I’ve worked for a couple of them… Getting them results like this

They have a predictable system for getting 100s of proven, guaranteed to buy customers from Instagram 

In fact, Instagram shamelessly does 99.9% of the work, and all they do is reply to comments on their post like interested, give their account numbers, send them to WhatsApp, Sell and pocket the rest…

Today, I want to show you just how to get into this system without paying outrageous fees…

 Once you unlock these secret tips, a world of unlimited potential could open to you.

You could easily line up hordes of new customers…

Multiply your current sales numbers in as little as 59-hours…

Take this for instance

You’d agree with me that before one would spend #45,000 on ads within 6 days – it just shows it’s converting right?

Exactly! This could be you if you start today as well

And become an unstoppable sales machine in no time flat.

They don’t teach you this simple method in school or any sales training I’ve seen for FREE without placing an extra crazy fee beside it…

The only place you can unlock this method of sales and explode your bottom line…

Is inside my book: How To Get 30-50 Customers In A Month Using Instagram Ads…

With your MOBILE phone

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I’ve seen marketers add these steps into their offer…

And their conversions SOARED by an incredible 152%!

Take this for instance from a campaign made not too long ago

That’s like going from 0 sales per day to 50 in 7 days! 

Stretch that out and that would mean an extra 2600 sales in a year.

If your product is only #5,000…

Those new sales add up to (7 figures)  per year!

These are just rough estimates for how much you could make when you sell and run Ads every week!

Anybody can use these steps to show their products directly to their ideal customer’s eyes…

And bring in more customers, more sales, and more money.

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Over 30 Actionable Tips For You

With that being said…

 You have two choices now…

You can click away from this page and go back to life as you’ve always known it.

Keep doing what you’ve always done…

And keep getting what you’ve always got.

While other folks use these simple hacks to get more customers, more sales, and more money.

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Or perhaps if you don’t have a product to sell, learn how to run ads for others, and earn 5k-10k per client…

You’d agree with me that there are loads of Instagram vendors…

And I can swear to you that they don’t know how to run Ads…

It’s easy to get 3-4 clients a month

#5,000 × 4 a month is #20,000… This is an extra income for you

Sounds great right?

Now, YOU can only hear about this if you’re on my list.

Moreso, if you’re a vendor, I’d sweeten this deal for you right now.

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  • How to Ethically steal your competitors’ customers – You see that competitor that keeps getting sales? With these simple steps, you can always make your ideal customers on their page look your way and perhaps buy your products 
  • The Reason why your PROMOTE button may be disabled: Knowing this one single fix would save you a whole lot of trouble
  • The Important parts of your sales page for your products: Systematic approach to guiding a stranger into buying what you sell.
  • Why You Should Never Use Instagram Direct message for your ads: Very many advertisers make this mistake, but you won’t anymore. 
  • Why you should Always make reviews: This mistake has cost the loss of the Ad budget, and why you shouldn’t make the same mistake. 

And discover the easy methods that bring your product directly to the eyes of your customers…

Take, for instance, you spend #4,000 on ads to get your products to the eyes of 10,000 people.

Out of the 10,000 say, 1500 reacted to your post…

100 followed your page…

That’s a win-win for you!

And 20 people bought your product…

Say you sell your product at #5,000…

#5000 × 20 = #100,000 in sales

You just made #100,000 with #4,000

That’s 2500% R.O.I (Return of Investment)

If that isn’t sweet money, I don’t know what is…

Loads of many smart marketers know about this and are already exploring this EVERYDAY… 

 You too can start by taking a step…

The simple steps that get RESULTS and SELL your products…

Will you take the chance?

That choice is YOURS and YOURS alone

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Thanks so much for reading my letter.

I’m grateful for your attention and look forward to having you as a reader.

Talk soon,


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I’m supposed to slap a price on it…

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But I did this because I know the situation of Nigeria  and I’d want you to start seeing your Ad up and running 

Take one of the BIGGEST marketers in Nigeria’s advice

Getting sold out before when you stock up your products 

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