10 Best Freelance Websites You Can Find Work in Nigeria

Since you have what it takes to become a freelancer in Nigeria. The next thing you’d want to do is to go to where the money is, right?


Well, there are numerous freelance websites on the internet today. There are some that accept Nigerians and others don’t. And I bet you wouldn’t want to waste your time searching and signing up on sites that you cannot make money from.

I have carefully selected 10 freelance sites that you can find work. The first 5 are international and next 5 are local sites.

And if you know how to play the cards right, you’re sure to rake hundreds to thousands of dollars monthly. Be it a side hustle or a full-time job. As long as you have a valuable skill that is in demand.

If you’re just starting out as a freelancer, you might want to start out in one or two of these websites. It will give you room to build your portfolio, do what you love doing, meet different clients and, of course, make money online.

Here are 10 best freelance websites that you can start with today in no particular order.

Foreign Freelance Websites

1. Freelancer


Freelancer is a very nice platform that I like. They don’t run out of posted projects to bid from.

An interesting thing about this platform is that it gives room for freelancers to compete for projects. So, if you have a sugar-coated mouth, buyers will buy into your persuasive skill. In fact, a buyer that loves your pitch can reach out to you in less than 24 hours and I’m talking from experience. This shows that you may even land on your first job in less than a day of starting out.

In the end, just render quality services to your clients. That’s the Koko.

2. PeoplePerHour


This is one of the freelance websites that I love –although I didn’t make a dime there. LOL… That’s because I honestly didn’t commit to making money there as a freelance writer anyway. But PeoplePerHour is a cool platform to hustle. Many Nigerians are making money on PeoplePerHour and you too can.

The UK-based company which started out in 2007 is open to a large number of services. If you’re a copywriter, proofreader and editor, web developer, graphic designer, SEO expert or consultant, Internet marketer, virtual assistant, etc., PeoplePerHour is worth finding work on.

You’ll get to bid for numerous projects posted by the buyers there that need your skillset.

3. Fiverr


Founded in 2010 and situated in Tel Aviv, Isreal. Fiverr.com is one of the biggest marketplaces you can render your services to clients from across the globe.

You can render your services to customers for nothing lower than $5. Fiverr is actually well-known for this price. Don’t let the “$5” deter you because the truth is that you can earn so much more on Fiverr.

Personally, I like Fiverr because they have great User Experience. The site is easy to navigate and registering is easy. This makes it one of the best websites to kick-start your freelancing career.

The platform gives room for creativity. You can create gigs that are basically out of the box. As long as you know people will purchase your service.

4. Upwork


One thing that fascinates me about Upwork is how regular jobs are being posted on the platform. Like literally every 10 seconds to a minute.

There are thousands of jobs to choose and work on from this 15 years old freelance platform. In fact, jobs posted yearly on Upwork amount to three million, which worth a sum of $1 billion USD. This makes Upwork, formerly Elance-oDesk, one of the biggest online marketplaces for freelancers.

With over five million clients, searching for professional freelancers like you to work with, you’re sure to make money on Upwork.

If you follow the guidelines of big freelancers like Danny Margulies, the founder of FreelanceToWin, you’ll surely enjoy working on Upwork.

5. Toptal


If you are a top talented business consultant, data engineer, developer, marketer, sales specialist, SEO specialist, designer, etc., Toptal is a go-to freelance marketplace to get jobs.

Although I have never used this platform as at the time of writing this, my researches show that Toptal is one of the best freelance marketplaces that there is.

When I was going through one of the thousands of good reviews on Toptal, a freelancer said the only con Toptal has is that they don’t give health-care benefits.

The platform allows Nigerian freelancers to sign up and find work –as long as you have all the requirements and can also pass their interview.

Nigeria Freelance Websites

6. Jolancer


When I started freelancing, I only knew about foreign freelance websites until my brother told me about Jolancer. It is, in fact, the first local freelance platform that I heard of. So I assumed it must be a well-known site. Of course, it is!

You register as a freelancer on the platform, find and bid for projects that you are capable of handling.

Their gig categories include web design, graphics, mobile, social media, business promotions, voice-over, writing, and others.

Founded in 2013, Jolancer was developed to bring freelancer and their buyers together in Nigeria. Also, there are claims that there is a chance a freelancer can get hired full-time by a client-company –if that’s what you want.

7. Justfrom5k


This is another platform for hustlers in Nigeria. Justfrom5k is headquartered in Lagos and was founded in 2015. The company site connects buyers and sellers that render valuable services.

You can get local freelance errand jobs on Justfrom5k. Unlike some other freelance sites in Nigeria that give room for freelancers outside Nigeria, justfrom5k basically focuses on local errands and freelance works.

Painting, plumbing, tailoring, driving, blogging, and even bodyguard services can be rendered on this platform. If the service you want to render is legal under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, you’re good to go.

Also, the name of the company doesn’t imply that you must bid for more than ₦5,000. In fact, you can bid less than that amount or more –depending on what’s okay for you.

8. Gigs Nigeria

Gigsnigeria -freelance wesites

The freelance marketplace has so many categories to work under. Regardless of your skill, be it dancing, advertising, designing, writing, consultancy, programming, etc., there’s room for you to showcase your skills and talents.

As a freelancer on this platform, the minimum amount you can render a service is ₦1,000.

Just like Justfom5k, Gigs Nigeria is located in Lagos but the company was founded in 2014.


ASUQU -freelance website

Asuqu is a platform for rendering services such as sales and marketing, design, photography, video and animation, software and tech, and many more.

They connect talented people and professionals like you with prospective clients in Africa, bridging the traditional barriers to innovation, empowerment and entrepreneurship.

10. Yokebay

Yokebay -freelance website

Yokebay is another local freelance platform that you might also want to check out. It has over 50 different services that you can choose and render. Talk of web design, graphics design, writing, consultancy, marketing and so on. Yokebay is a good platform for the vast number of freelancers with different skills.

It is a platform that is open to new, intermediate and professional freelancers.

Your Turn

Which of these freelance websites have you ever used? What are your experiences and which one of them do you prefer? If there’s anything else I’m missing out, let me know in the comment session below. And make sure you share this content with others -you never know whose life you might impact today.

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By Abdullah Ajibose

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