10 Best Business School in Nigeria

Over the past years, various business schools in Nigeria have emerged to train and certify individual who wants to learn and acquire business knowledge. If you’re one of these individuals, selecting the best among them may be a problem.

But fret not because you’re going to know the top 10 business schools in Nigeria in 2020 and better select which to enrol.

1. Lagos Business School

The Lagos Business School in Nigeria is a private business school established in 1991. Located in Ajah, Lekki, Lagos Nigeria, the school is an affiliate of Pan-Atlantic University. It’s one of the top business institutions in Nigeria that offers an adequate number of courses from which interested individuals can apply.

Lagos Business School offers academic programs, executives programs and short focused programs in management. The school is known to produce qualified professional managers with excellent general management education relevant to the Nigerian business world. It also offers open-enrolment seminars on essential issues in business leaders and managers.

2. The Executive Business School

It is located in Oba Akjinjobi way, GRA Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. It’s a very popular school in Lagos state and seemto be relatively old. The Executive Business School was incorporated in 2006 and it commenced operation in 2007, making it roughly 13 years.

It is an accredited business school whose main aim is to deliver a narrow range of law and business-related to academic and professional programs. The Executive business school is affiliated with a good number of international business schools. It offers undergraduates, postgraduates and professional courses on accounting, law and business administration programs.

3. West African Business School

It’s a private regional training institute which was registered in 2002. It was established to meet the rising demand for high-quality professional development, corporate training, and executive institute. West African Business School is recognized for its burning desire to create and grow intellectuals by expanding the in-depth knowledge to their students through developments of new skills, update professional skills which will add value to the public and private organizations and businesses in Africa.

West African Business School has campuses within and outside Nigeria (Ghana and Gambia). It’s a multinational school and it is recognized in Africa. It’s also important to note that the West Africa business school doesn’t award certificates or degrees, but offers corporate training through an in-house program for various companies and businesses. Part of the program run by the school is a distance learning program.

4. African Business School

African Business School is another top quality business school to attend in Nigeria and it is located in the Gwarimpa area of Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. It is among the first  business schools to be established in Nigeria, making it one of the oldest business schools in Nigeria. It was established in 2000.

African business school is one of the career coaching providers for local training, special conference, and international training. Africa business school has an affiliation with Babcock University in Nigeria, Magner Carter College in The United Kingdom, and also Graduate Management School in Cameroon.

5. The Delta School of Business and Technology

Located in Warri, Delta Nigeria is one of the accredited and best business schools in Nigeria. It has an outstanding academic history and good records in business and technology. Though the school is recognized by a good number of business experts in Nigeria, Delta school of business and technology is very helpful to both Nigerians and non-Nigerian.

6. International school of management

It was accredited by the Federal Ministry of Education and the Lagos State Agency for Mass Education to become a business school that offers quality education services in business management. Located in Victoria Island, Lagos. This business school offers undergraduate, postgraduate and online education programs. International school of management also have an alliance with prestigious and professional universities internationally

7. Bowel Business School in Nigeria

Bowel Business School is located in Ojota, Lagos Nigeria and also has another branch located in Ondo, Nigeria. This business school aims at providing quality entrepreneurial and general management education relevant to Nigeria’s business world.

The business school offers various business and self-development courses ranging from professional development, academic programs, online programs, executive business.

8. Unicaribbean Business School

Here is another accredited business school approved by the Federal Ministry of Education, Nigeria and also accredited by the International Accreditation organization that is located in ikorodu, Lagos state, Nigeria.

Unicaribbean business school offers ordinary diplomas, postgraduate diploma certificates and professional certification courses which are globally recognized. Its mission is to produce world-class managers and leaders equipped to shape the economic development of the world.

9. University of Lagos Business School

Located in Akoka/Yaba, Lagos state, Nigeria, the university was founded to advance excellence in business education. University of Lagos business school offers professional training and course which is their focal point of knowledge, its core values are built on leadership, uniqueness, synergy, and integrity and business innovation.

They award certificates in the professional degree, diploma, program certificates which are of key relevance in today’s business world. The school boasts of the quality of education and skills taught, can stand ready to help business leaders and managers solidify their immediate and long term successes in the business world.

10. Integrated Business School

Located in the heart of Kaduna state, Nigeria, integrated Business School is one of the accredited and best business schools in Nigeria.  It is an impressive school which has been established far back from 2000 with the goal of training and developing people and strengthening institutions by offering high-quality management programs, consulting services, short term academies programs and organizational restricting to both private and public sector organizations. Integrated business school has, over the years, held several entrepreneurial programs and training to business owners.


Whether you are an employer or employee in business, taking a course in any of the business schools in Nigeria mentioned above can supplement your portfolio. As a job seeker, it increases your chances of getting employed.

Business owner, going to a business school in Nigeria means you will be acquiring skills that will be useful in leading and managing your business effectively.

That’s all on ten business schools in Nigeria in 2020. Share your thoughts with us through the comments box below.

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