usinesses to Start with ₦100,000 (100k)
usinesses to Start with ₦100,000 (100k)

With a staggering population estimated at 180 million, Nigeria is easily being the most populated black nation in the world. This mammoth population makes business a rewarding venture, you can add lucrative to it if you like.

Recently, Nigeria was listed as the best start-up country in Africa and that lends more credence to the assertion that Nigeria is a haven for business. In the light of that, let’s look at some businesses that you can get off the ground with a hundred thousand naira. 

1. Mini Importation Business 

The last decade has seen mini importation business rise to prominence. The capital is the catch here as you can actually start importing from as low as ₦15,000. Now you have a ₦100,000 with you, think of how far you can get. All it takes is to sign up for a mini importation class or sit under a mentor and learn the ropes. It won’t gulp more than a month and you are set for business. 

2. Liquid Soap, Olive Oil and Perfume Production 

With a week’s class from a professional in the field, you can learn how to make perfumes, olive oils and the easy-to-use liquid soap that most families now prefer. A ₦100,000 will be sufficient to get started. You can purchase the materials for production and start behind your kitchen, needless renting a shop. This business is scalable and with time, you can then rent a shop and go like a brand. 

3. Small Scale Pig Rearing 

This business is lucrative in Nigeria because pork meat is tasty and many people across the country love to consume it. A single mother pig and her mating partner can give you up to 8 piglets, you can nurture them to adulthood. The price of one adult pig can go for as high as ₦70,000. Multiply that with 8 and think of all the money you can make. 

4. Catfish Farming 

If you’ve ever heard of “point and kill” then you can tell that this is one of the lucrative businesses in Nigeria in the SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) industry. As a rule of thumb, you need to learn the ropes of the business before starting. ₦100,000 is enough for a start and before you know it, every bar and restaurant in your neighbourhood will depend on you for the supply of catfishes. 

5. Poultry Farming 

A day-old chick sells for ₦150 at most. Get a 100 of these chicks and breed them for 3 months and you can sell one for ₦2000 or ₦2500. You can target the festive period if you want to rake in sales. It doesn’t require many skills; from your purchase point you will be briefly schooled on how to breed the chicks for free. So you just head back home at the start immediately. Remember the eggs too are for sale. 

6. Snail Farming 

One of the popular businesses in Nigeria for young entrepreneurs is snail farming and it is indeed a lucrative business. A ₦100,000 will be more than enough for you to kick-start and scale up with time. You just need a few tutorials to get started. Snail delicacy is prominent in Nigeria and it is a tasteful delight. Hotels, restaurants, bars and homes will beckon on you for supplies. 

7. Popcorn Business 

This is a very profitable business in Nigeria. You will always find popcorn stands in public places, university campuses, around churches, companies and almost everywhere. You can learn how to make popcorn in a matter of minutes. All you need is the machine and the ingredients which a ₦100,000 will be enough to settle. Then look for a public place with a lot of human traffic to set up a stand. 

8. POS Business and Online Money Agency

Due to long queues in banks, people would prefer to withdraw from a local POS and most times proximity is a problem. Address this need by getting a POS machine from your bank of choice and active online banking. ₦100,000 can help you get started. You give out money while it gets wired into your account and you collect your discount. It’s that simple. 

9. Cook Food and Supply 

Food business in Nigeria is a profitable one. If you can cook great! If you can’t, you can learn it within a short time. With a ₦100,000, you can start cooking in your house and delivering to clients who place orders. Most people are too busy in their offices to go out and look for food even during breaks, they’ll be glad if you bring it to them. Of course, you’ll charge them – delivery inclusive. 

10. T-Shirt Branding 

Every day people are involved in rallies, people are graduating, people are celebrating birthdays and people will always need shirt branding. You can learn this skill in two weeks and use ₦100,000 to start in your backyard. The equipment isn’t so expensive and you can always improvise till you advance. Your target should be companies, campuses and churches where you will be making mass deliveries. 

11. Cake Making and Confectionaries 

Cake making has been a profitable business venture in Nigeria for decades and will continue to be. It takes just a few weeks to learn, then you can gain mastering in the business as you forge on. You can include snacks and make more money. ₦100,000 is more than enough to start making cakes and delivering them to clients. The good part is that you demand part payment before you start and get it. So it isn’t so capital intensive which is why you have more than enough to start. 

12. Production of Zobo and Smoothies 

Smoothies are being sold in places where people relax and unwind – in restaurants, malls, cinemas and the list goes on. Zobo making doesn’t even need up to ₦15,000 to get started same goes for smoothies. These are a perfect substitute for inorganic juices. With your blender and some prerequisite knowledge, you can start. The N100, 000 comes in becomes you need a stand-in any place you choose to do your business and a few other appliances. 

13. Phone Charging Business 

With the deplorable power situation in Nigeria, this business couldn’t have arrived at a better time. No skill required, just your capital to buy a generator, build a small wooden shop and construct a big charging board with sockets. You can charge ₦50 for each phone. Target a university campus or an area where there’s no consistent power relative to other places. It’s now becoming a fast-rising small scale business in Nigeria that is lucrative. 

14. Mobile Phone Accessory Business 

This business can be paired with the phone charging business and can be paired with a lot of other businesses. You can run it independently and it’s still great. What’s the point? It won’t stretch your ₦100,000 budget to get started. From a good supplier, you can get a substantial number of accessories to start with while you build a small kiosk. 

15. Fresh Fruit Juice Production 

This lucrative small scale business is gaining prominence fast in Nigeria as people are loving the organic side of life. If you have a freezer in your house which is quite common in most homes, all you need is a blender, a small lesson and a few other appliances that won’t cost much. You can supply to anywhere after production. However, this should be done if you have a consistent power supply or you have a generator. 

16. Customization Business 

These days, almost any personal belonging can be customized. From wristbands, key-holders, phones, laptops, cards, bags etc. With ₦100,000, you can customize wristbands for schools and churches then sell it to them. That amount can give you up to 1000 wristbands which you can sell for twice the price you made them. 

17. Ankara Bags and Shoe Making 

The trend of Ankara is yet to fizzle out and you can capitalize on that. Just buy the bags and shoes, get someone to teach you how to coat them with Ankara. They are beautiful afterwards and people would love them. It doesn’t cost much to start. The bags, shoes and the Ankara material won’t eat up more than ₦100,000. 

18. Photocopying Business 

With less than ₦100,000 you can get a good photocopying machine or you buy a fairly used one from a trusted fellow. Choose one corner in any university campus of choice (don’t forget to recognize the authorities though) and start photocopying. Students love to photocopy even to the extent of photocopying textbooks. 

19. Chair and Table Rentals 

₦100,000 can you get up to 50 armless chairs and some tables to start renting out. You can scale up with time and with proper marketing. Then you can include more chairs, tables, marquees, dining sets and even decoration items. Starting small is never a bad idea. 

20. Sale of Boxers, Bed Sheets and Pillow Cases 

With your capital in hand, you can get the contact of some professional tailors in Aba, you head down to that China of Africa and negotiate with them. They can make these boxers for you while you distribute and sell at prices that would make you have returns on your investment which will also be favourable for buyers. 

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