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When a typical Nigerian hears the word ‘importation business’, what comes to mind is that you have to be rich to get started and so many other myths. Perhaps, some of them were true many years back but now that the world is a global village due to the internet, things have drastically changed.

You don’t need to start having a batch of containers waiting for you at the port for clearance to become an importer. That sounds really huge and scares people away thinking the business is for the high and mighty.

Anyone one in the upper, middle or lower class can start an importation business. It, however, depends on the scale of importation and on your capital. Mini importation provides a comfortable platform for low-income earners and those in the middle class. Some can have it as a side business while for many others, it’s a full-time venture. So, if you’re still having doubts about the legitimacy of this hustle, well you should know that thousands have staked in on it and are making it big time. But this piece is here to clear your doubts, read on to find out why you should start mini importation by 2020.

You Can Begin with a Very Small Capital

Contrary to the popular belief that this business requires millions of naira and it’s certainly going to milk your bank account dry, mini importation can actually be ventured into with a small amount of money, that’s why it is called mini. On the other hand, exportation business is way costlier but a lot of Nigerians do not know this.

As a beginner, you can start mini importation with as low as ten to twenty thousand naira. And if you have a sound importation business plan, you’re sure to earn at least two times your capital. The beauty of this business is that it is dynamic and scalable. With sheer dedication and consistency, you’re going to grow bigger into a major importer and start discussing containers. Starting is the very first and most important step. 

The Profit Margin is High

The prices of many products in some countries like China are extremely cheap, yet of standard quality –in case you didn’t know. Goods that worth N2,000 here may be worth N500 in those countries. So, for instance, if you purchase 40 pieces of such product, you’d make an estimated amount of N60,000. With the erratic nature of our currency, any business with the international community especially in America, Asia and Europe is surely bound to excel.

The profit is really tempting and along the line, you’ll discover the original price of products you’ve been purchasing and marvel at how you’ve been spending fortunes. That’s the added experience that comes with this substantial profit margin. The major aim of every business is to maximise profit and this one provides that on a platter of gold. It’s worth taking a shot. 

Making 6-7 figures profit from mini importation in Nigeria has never been easier than it is today. If you learn how to by following guaranteed steps of those that have done it and are still doing it.

It Can Be a Part-time Side Business

If you already have a full-time job but you’re looking for ways to earn extra income, you might want to consider going into mini importation. One of the interesting parts of this business is that it doesn’t take all of your time. And this is why it is one of the lucrative side-hustles any student can startIf you’re a student, all you’ll have to do is order goods online, receive them, promote them to your fellow students and all of your potential customers and deliver in your spare time.

If you have customers far from where you reside, you need not deliver yourself. There are ways to do so without much challenge. With critical trying times facing the economic sphere of Nigeria, half the population own a side hustle even those in power. So that side hustle you’ve been looking for is right here. 

You Only Sell High-Quality Goods

Every buyer wants a quality product. The first thing most of them put into consideration is the quality of what you’re selling –not the price. Most people will readily pay more without hassle during a negotiation when they realize you sell imported goods. And this is because almost every Nigerian has the notion that whatever is imported is of high quality.

Buyers want durable goods, of high performance and beautiful. If you import from the right countries, you can rest assured that whatever you sell has no quality issue.

You Can Sell Your Good Fast

As said earlier, this business has gotten a whole lot easier because of the internet. You may not even have a formal office or show-house, yet sell your goods quickly. By promoting your goods on social media and other internet marketing platforms, sales of these imported goods can be easier.

In the past, you need to get beaten by the sun or rent a shop. Now, you can use your bedroom, store or even garage as a small warehouse. Orders come in and you deliver without screaming your lungs out in the street for customers. Just use optimize the social media for an effective marketing campaign and you’re good to go. Marketing has never been this seamless. 

In Conclusion

Before you start mini importation, make sure you learn all there is to the business and follow the guidelines of a reliable mini importation coach that has proven results. Despite all the perks that it comes with, if you go in blindly and unguided, you are heading for a bitter experience. Beyond all you’ve heard, you need to sharpen your marketing skills to be successful in this business among other handy tips you need. It’s a few weeks away from 2020, this gives you ample time to think, rethink and consider venturing into a niche that’s making many rich in Nigeria today. 

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By Abdullah Ajibose

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