How to Puchase a Property in Nigeria
How to Puchase a Property in Nigeria

In acquiring any property in Nigeria, you may have to ask those who are knowledgeable in the business. The process is pretty complicated if it’s not properly handled. Here are some guidelines to follow;

✓ The first step of purchasing properties in Nigeria is to chop with caution, there are a little pitfalls in the Nigeria real estate industry but the good news is that measures are being taken by the appropriate agencies to fill up the lapses

✓ Ensure you validate that the person you are buying from is the rightful owner.

✓ Ensure that the land title is verified. You can do this at the land registry. Confirm the survey documents, the title and all other documents attached to it.

✓ Deed of assignment: Ensure that the legal procedure is handled by an efficient lawyer. There are lots of backlog of cases in Nigeria law court and getting yourself filed a case on ownership dispute won’t be an awesome experience. In Nigeria, most fights in the law court outlive the parties involved.

✓ Involve a third party (someone you can trust).

✓ Always review all the documents you get before signing. Also, make sure you get yourself involve in the process. Don’t leave any stone unturned.

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Seye Okeowo

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By Seye Okeowo

Oluseye Okeowo is a passionate real estate consultant with a key eye for profitable investments in the industry. He is the founder & CEO of REALTYLAB NG, a real estate investment company employing innovative methods that are disrupting the Real Estate sector in the region.

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  1. Is there anything like investing in an apartment here in Nigeria…
    Example maybe a company wants to run a project let’s say build a hostel in a private or state University where dey lack hostels ND dey saw it has an investment and dey want people to invest does such happens here in Nigeria…where people comes together ND invest for u company to pull d project and everyone who invest in the project gets paid maybe monthly or yearly

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