high-paying skills in nigeria by 2020

Whether you notice it or not, times are changing fast and many jobs are gradually going extinct. There are numerous predictions all over the place of how robots are going to put people out of their jobs in the near future.

That’s a story for another day.

Here in Nigeria, so many jobs are fizzling away as new ones are coming into the mainstream. Being Africa’s largest market, almost every trend in jobs and the rave of global moments witnessed in the west are being reflected in Nigeria.

To stay relevant in today’s world, you need to be informed and, in this case, we are talking about lucrative skills that you can acquire to remain relevant in 2020. These skills are trendy all overdeveloped nations and have rippled down to Nigeria, which is why it is important for you. In the light of that revelation, we bring to you

The Top 10 Skills to Acquire in Nigeria by 2020

1. Coding

In simple terms, coding is the brain behind all the mobile apps, computer software and websites you find all around the world of digital technology. From the Microsoft Word application software used in typing this article to the Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp you use to feel like a hipster, everything was made possible through coding.

Every day, new companies are springing up and building mobile apps to attend to the alarming needs of customers. Websites are built daily for different businesses and the same goes for social media. Arm yourself with this skill and being broke will begin to sound alien to you.

2. Digital Marketing

digital marketing in nigeria

Marketing forms the core of every business success strategy. The aim is to get the business out there via different media, publicize it and get thousands to indulge. Ever since Facebook became a global sensation, the rise of digital marketing has gone ballistic.

No need of word of mouth anymore or doing promos on the streets (although it is still relevant). Marketing has gone digital and all the customers of any company can be sourced online without meeting anyone in person. That’s what digital marketing is all about; selling goods, services and products online.

It’s a hot selling skill in Nigeria where businesses are rising daily and it is really bankable because you can earn a minimum salary of fifty to a hundred thousand naira for entry-level.

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3. Project Management

Project management is really something vast in applications. It is one lucrative and most sort-for skills in Nigeria and all over the whole.

Basically, the job of a project manager is to plan, carry out and oversee a certain project from start to finish and then hand it over to the client. You can acquire a degree in project management from a reputable Nigerian university or you can learn it by internship. Whichever route you choose, it’s hot in the market.

People are getting increasingly busy to handle some of their projects and outsourcing becomes a port of call.

4. Sales/Marketing

Like earlier mentioned, the Nigerian market is huge.

To be more specific, we are talking about Africa’s largest economy. There’s nowhere on the continent where salesmanship and marketing skills are more needed. Marketing is the powerhouse of any business and it leads to sales.

Both are essential and they are a skill hot in demand.

Companies are always in need of marketing strategists to boost sales. Strategist who would device newer ways to bait customers and keep them obsessed with their brand. This skill demands lots of brain work. It can be acquired in a university or can be learnt in special colleges dedicated to the course but you do not need a formal degree to become a professional salesman or marketer.

5. Real Estate Brokerage

Housing is an important sector in every society and the real estate moguls are cashing in daily. They do this in six figures because one deal can make you quit your current job. That’s the beauty of estate brokering jobs.

If you have this skill, you hardly earn anything less than 6 digits.

What does the job or skill entail? Well, buying and selling of properties for clients. By properties, it could mean houses, lands, uncompleted buildings and many others. A client needs to sell a house and you serve as the middle man to bring a buyer to him. If the deal is successful, you are paid a handsome commission of 5- 20%. For instance, if you close a ₦50 million deal, you could earn a whopping sum of five to ten million naira in commission. Your ability to find sellers and buyers is the skill we are talking about.

6. Video Production/Editing

This is among other things, tied to marketing. Companies will always need marketing videos for their products and you will be needed.

In the media world, if you have this skill, you will be most sought after. Creating and editing ready videos is the essence of the media digital world. This skill would certainly change the fortunes of your finances as it is one of the most in-demand skills in Nigeria.

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7. Video Animation

video animation in nigeria

Call it the comic, trivial or funny twist in video advertising and you won’t be wrong. Basically, your job with this skill is to create animations. This skill sells like a bottle of water under the scorching heat of the sun. Animations enliven mood and make videos less boring. People are already bored with video adverts and creating this interesting twist to advertising will surely sell. If you are still lost, the cartoons you watch or those comic videos made with cartoons are all works of video animation.

8. UI/UX Design 

UI/UX design in Nigeria

UI stands for User Interface while UX stands for User Experience. Both are interrelated and are the processes involved in making an app or product of a company easy to use by customers or new users. UI has to do with the design of the product to make it friendly to users while UX has to do with the analytics and the technicalities involved.

You can earn as a minimum of ₦200,000 per project regularly with this skill.

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9. Business Consultancy and Development

These days everyone wants to have a business of their own and float a brand. But the problem is they need professional advice and they need people to help them grow their business. This skill can be acquired via the degree route or through a business school. Either way, it is selling hot and sheer lucrative. You can jump on it right away.

10. Database Development/Management

Every company needs a database to create and maintain its records as well as tracking changes. They need people to develop this database and manage it, especially if it’s a large company. You will be seeing terms like data format, field names, data manipulation, oracle and many others. This requires a lot of expertise in data mining, sorting and management.

This niche is rare and so are its specialists. This means you will be chased after like you stole someone’s destiny if you are a good database developer/ manager.

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